Blackdeath 23

My Journal As a helicopter pilot in iraq

Robert mills

Chief Warrant Officer 2 - United States Cavalry

Joining the Army on 9/11/2001, Robert went to Basic Training, then Warrant Officer Candidate School, on to Flight School, then directly to combat. Blackdeath 23 (Robert's Callsign) is a book based on a journal written during two combat tours to Iraq. The first to Baghdad in 2004 and the second to northern Iraq in 2007-2008. 

 Robert's writings cover the entire  spectrum, from the joys of simply receiving mail from home, living in  harsh conditions, experiencing frequent enemy attacks, aircraft  emergencies and losing a fellow pilot, to making the ultimate decision  of pulling the trigger to end one life in order to save another.


EOD detonation in Baghdad 2004

Baghdad Iraq 2004

During the first deployment Robert details his day to day experiences as a very junior pilot in a seasoned Cavalry Troop. His journal captures daily activities on the forward operating base, enemy attacks, daily flight duties, and a very personal side of family separation. 

Taken July 27th 2008 after a 7.5 hour flight day

Tal-Afar Iraq 2008

Robert's second deployment as an experienced aviator and scout pilot challenged his abilities and honed his skills. Flying in teams of two, the scout weapons teams conducted hundreds of scouting, recon, and security missions from the border of Syria, north to Turkey, and as far east as Kirkuk. 

Awards / Editorials

Pencraft Award 1st Place Non-Fiction 2017

 This journal is as raw, personable and forthright as any you will read.   Mills takes you through his daily routine and at times grind - the ups,  the downs, the quiet and the harrowing experiences he lived through.   Mills not only covers the military side and life of a soldier, but also  the personal feelings and longings for home and family. 

This  journal brings you to a personal level with Mills, and does a great job  of enlightening the reader of what our helicopter pilots and other  military endure in war.

Great read!!!    

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